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Whitley County Conservation District
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College scholarships are due to the District office by February 1st.  These state-wide scholarships of $1,000 are provided by the KACD Auxiliary. 

The Natural Resources Scholarship is awarded to any student enrolled in college who has declared a major in the field of agriculture or conservation of natural resources. 

The George Crafton Memorial Scholarship is awarded to any high school senior who is enrolled to attend college and intends to major in the field of agriculture or related field. 

The Betty Barrick Non-Traditional Student Scholarship is awarded to any student that is at least 25 years old and pursuing an undergraduate degree in agriculture or a related field. 

Summer Camp scholarships are available as funding allows. Please check with District staff to ensure availability. 

Conservation Camp is currently for students in the 7th Grade as of April 1, 2021. Visit their website at for more information.
The Whitley County Conservation District takes great pride in its conservation education services. We encourage you to take advantage of these programs and teach your students the benefits of conservation.

We try our very best to make all of these services a part of our annual plan of operations and budget. Before applying, please ensure availability.

If you would like more information on any of these programs, or if you have any suggestions of other activities to include, please contact us. You can also view our brochure here. 

We want to visit with you! We would be happy to participate in your Career Fair, Science Fair, Earth Day Celebration, or any event you wish to have vendors and/or organizations attend. We are available during school hours to set up a fun display with age-appropriate and topic-specific material, along with free goodies the students are sure to love!

The Enviroscape is a portable, hand-on watershed model to help students better understand the sources and prevention of water pollution. The Enviroscape makes the connection between what we do and our impact on the environment. Stormwater pollution and runoff are visibly apparent when rain falling over the landscape carries soil (cocoa), chemicals (drink mixes), and oil through a watershed to a body of water. Use as a stand alone environmental education program or easily fits within any existing education plan. 

Our Conservation Educational Materials span many topics regarding natural resources, including soil, water, trees, habitats, and more. These fun and colorful materials are available for grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6 and up. 

We can also put together complimentary Gift Bags of our materials for your classroom, extra-curricular activity clubs, and even your Sunday School class. Especially relevant for your private or church-supported school is Soil and Water Stewardship Week, which is celebrated each year between April and May. Materials vary each year, but always emphasize the true meaning of stewardship; the personal and social responsibility we share. Through education regarding our natural resources, we learn to use them wisely; by caring we can achieve material and spiritual growth in our lives and leave a rich legacy for future generations. 

​Looking for a DVD on a specific topic to play in your classroom? Our DVD Loan Program may be useful. Videos are formatted for high school students and are on very concentrated topics. Here is a sample of what is in our library:

Helping People Understand Soils

Protection of Soil and Water Resources

Land of Life (A celebration of wildlife habitat on private lands.)

We are ready to work with you to educate our children, our future. 
We want to visit with you!
*Career Fairs
*Earth Day celebrations
*Science Fair judging
Conservation Education Services
The Jim Claypool Conservation Art and Conservation Writing Contest is an annual program co-sponsored by the Conservation District. This contest provides the opportunity for students to receive conservation education whether completed in or outside the classroom. Topics rotate each year between forestry, wildlife, soils, and water. While tabloids are made available online in September, the deadline for submissions is December 1.  

Visit for complete information. Prizes are awarded on a county, area, and state level.

The annual National Conservation Poster Contest provides middle school and high school students an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water, and related natural resources issues through art. The contest theme follows the national stewardship theme. Information is made available in September and entries are due for local judging November 1. Prizes are awarded on a county, state, and national level. 


The NACD/Auxiliary Photo Contest is a national contest open to everyone. 

A picture can be worth even more than a thousand words. Good photographs can lend a helping hand to numerous projects: they strengthen publicity for a fund-raiser, make a newsletter more appealing and reveal the beauty of wetlands to students, elementary through high school. 

We know that our area is one of the most beautiful in the county. That's why we co-sponsor this contest. The deadline for entries to NACD is December 1. We ask that if you wish to submit an entry, please information us prior to submission.  

For complete rules and information, visit 
Awards and Sponsorships
If you need financial assistance with your Outdoor Classroom, the District may be able to help you. We ask that you follow our application process to request funding in the reimbursement program, including itemized costs and pictures. A site visit by District representatives before approval and after completion is mandatory.

If you are or know a teacher who has implemented innovative soil and water conservation activities, we will assist you and submit their application for Kentucky Conservation Teacher of the Year. Nominees must be full-time K-12 teachers. Nominations are accepted until May 1st
NRCS Learning Resources
Follow this link for NRCS Learning Resources for your classroom, club, or civic group. There's great resources, including S.K. Worm, Hometown Clean Water Tour, For the Good of the People, the Water Cycle, and WhoBuddies Adventures.